Moods, Ideas, Stories, permeate what is ART.

A Simple Thought, A Simple Truth


For as long as I can remember, artistic expression has been a part of my world.  Growing up, my Mom made delicious desserts.  I licked the spoons.  She drew abstracts and still-lifes.  I stumbled upon them and gawked at her unbeknownst skill.  She sewed dresses for my sister and me, made dolls and constructed quite a few blankets.  Dad wrote poetry and shared his many views of the world while my Aunt made bows and painted landscapes.  In addition, my cousin paints breathtaking portraits as another becomes chef de cuisine of any kitchen he enters.  As for me, I would not pursue any form of art until my sophomore year at University.  With the reminder of a promise to take a formal art class, 1 summer term turned into 2 terms and a class with a young lady named Erin that changed my life forever.  It was through her, I learned of Interior Design.  After she explained the particulars, I switched my major as soon as fall classes began.  I did a complete 180, Pre-Med to Design.  Who was I kidding.  Me a medical doctor who became woosy at the sight of blood!  But 4 am floor plan inking sessions was such a delight sometimes I would forget to eat.  Oy Vey!

During my new classes I began recalling the many projects I endeavored as a youngin' and how getting my hands dirty reminded me of being in the sandbox.  I even remembered rearranging the living room furniture to my mom yelling “put it back!”  I never did.  Sorry Mom.  (Smile)  Art had always been that crux beckoning me to come.  From drawing fashion croquis as a pre-teen before knowing what they were, to designing a coronation gown a few years later - my artistic expression, was choosing many mediums to dispel itself.  My last year in Interior Design saw the resurgence of said desire to design clothes.  Since I thought it wise to not switch my major with only a year left, I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design. After which, I began my studies in Apparel Design that summer.  The next few years is where I became acquainted with Draping, Flat Pattern, Visual Merchandising, Photoshop, and  Illustrator.  I learned how to truly value the voice of my teammates and how to lead.

Upon completion of my studies, I moved to New York where my first freelance job launched an almost 10 year career in Visual Merchandising.  I have also worked as a professional dresser backstage for numerous shows during New York Fashion Week and several Victoria Secret Fashion Shows with Audrey Smaltz's Ground Crew.  During the midst of this, I took my first trip abroad where my love of photography was rekindled.

Every day is a journey that unfolds inspiration at any given moment.  Being a part of the Concrete Jungle, I have worked through stereotypes of who I am and what I can achieve. Do I sometimes wish I was back in photography class at Woods Hall, or slumped over a floor plan in Doster, or creating flyers for Common Ground, or hand stitching a hem for a client in my first New York apartment?  Oui! C'est la vie!  But I must keep moving, defining and redefining.  Thus I began Storied Compositions as a way to show All Art, my art, conveys a mood, an idea, or a story.  These collective pieces are then composed into images or words producing a bigger picture.

Journey along as I share my bigger picture travel journal sans the words.  I have enshrined street art in Brooklyn via video, stood underneath the Eiffel Tower in Paris, attended Fashion Week in London, ate dinner with a cat in Venice, tasted Saffron in Dubai, sand-boarded in Abu Dhabi and hiked part of the Vermilion Cliffs in Arizona.  I am always looking for my next adventure and possible business opportunities.  You could be my next client!  Please direct all inquiries to storiedcompositions@gmail.com.

As I enjoy a leisurely stroll every so often, please endeavor to take a walk with me through my many photo-journals, blog stories, and recent illustrations as an MFA graduate student.